Our Science

Our goal is to alleviate patient suffering by developing novel Multi-specific Therapeutic Antibodies against cancers and other difficult-to-treat diseases. Ranging from small antigen-binding fragments to full length IgG-like molecules, Multi-specific antibodies come with novel activities that do not exist in the combination of the parental antibodies. We passionately believe that this can only be achieved by conducting rigorous, high-quality scientific research.

Utilizing Antibody
Studio’s unique
technology platform
Looking into the

Our Approach for Immunotherapy

Our novel antibodies will be used in the therapy of difficult -to-treat diseases

  • Antibody Therapeutics envisions the use of Antibody Studio’s unique technology platform, based on computer-aided design and three-dimensional (3D) model structures, to develop novel therapeutic antibodies.
  • This unique platform allows us to create antibodies with patented new technologies and innovative features that are difficult to achieve with other methodologies. We look forward to a future where our novel antibodies will be used in the therapy of difficult-to-treat diseases and will help alleviate patient suffering.