Antibody Therapeutics Inc. develops next generation Multi-specific Therapeutic Antibodies with balanced safety, efficacy, and developability for the treatment of cancers and other difficult-to-treat diseases. We license Antibody Studio’s unique technology platform and incorporate Genor Biopharma’s unique CMC and Clinical Development experience to develop novel therapeutic antibodies.
Antibody Therapeutics is a group of dynamic and passionate individuals from around the world working together to translate immunotherapy and alleviate the burden of patients suffering from severe diseases. We utilize our diverse academic, social, and cultural backgrounds to achieve this common goal.
Antibody Studio Inc.
We envision the use of Antibody Studio’s unique platform, based on computer-aided design to develop novel Multi-specific Therapeutic Antibodies. Antibody Studio’s unique platform allows us to create antibodies with innovative functional features that are difficult to achieve by applying other technologies.
Genor Biopharma Co. Ltd
Genor Biopharma has high quality CMC and clinical development teams. They focus on developing and commercializing oncology and autoimmune drugs. They have successfully developed drug candidates targeting pathways with blockbuster potentials, encompassing top three oncology targets and five out of the ten bestselling drugs globally.